Airport to Expand Capacity with Terminal 2

Lankabusinessonline , Mar 28,’16

To construct a new multi-level terminal building (Terminal 2) at Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka, a concessionary loan agreement for JPY 45,428 million has been signed between the Airport and Aviation Services Limited and Japan International Cooperation Agency. New remote apron shall consist of 23 nos. aircraft parking stands, GSE roads and three stub taxiways. New terminal building would feature additional 96 check-in counters, 8 baggage claim belts, 7 baggage make-up carousels, 16 nos. contact boarding gates with 28 nos., Passenger Boarding Bridges and 6 nos. bus gates. The scope also includes capacity enhancement of the incinerator, water treatment plant and sewerage treatment plant. The detail design of the airport have been completed. JICA financing for the expansion of Bandaranaike Airport is JPY 74,397 million. The Project would be developed based on the concept of Eco-Airport with Japanese advanced technology and know-how.  The new passenger terminal building is planned to be open in 2020.


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