Pakistans Economic Corridor Project Planned, July 07,’17

A budget worth nearly US$473 million will be used for work on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. This will form a key portion of Pakistan’s Public Sector Development Programme for the 2016/2017 period. The Burhan-Hakla section is expected to require two years to construct and will be 285km long. This stretch will run through Rehmani Khel, Rokhri, Mianwali, Sawan and Pindi Gheb. The DI Khan section stretch of the highway should be complete by mid-2018, while the stretch from Gwadar to Surab should be ready for traffic by the end of this year.

Preps Completed for Tunnel Construction at Bheri-Babai, July 05,’16

According to Bheri-Babai Multipurpose Diversion Project Official, preparations for the construction of the project have been moving faster in recent days and preliminary work to start digging a tunnel has been completed.

The multipurpose project will divert 40 cubic metres of water per second from the Bheri River to the Babai River to irrigate 60,000 hectares of farm land in Banke and Bardia districts and generate 48 MW of energy. The total cost of the project is around Rs16 billion.

First Ever 7-Star Luxury Apartment Complex in Sri Lanka, July 02,’16

Blue Mountain Apartments together with the global real estate titan Palmer and Turner Group, plans to set up a luxury 7-star apartment complex (first- of-its- kind) in Sri Lanka. It will feature all-new levels of luxury and innovation. The complex’s plush interiors are being curated by Index Design, a leading interior design practice based in Singapore.

Mamnoon asks Saudis to invest in Pakistan

Thenews, Apr 06,’16

The Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain has urged upon Saudi investors to invest in Pakistan’s energy infrastructure and agriculture sectors. In a meeting with Saudi parliamentary delegation led by Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Sheikh Chairman of the Shura Council at Aiwan-i-Sadr, the president said business-friendly environment in the country had encouraged foreign investment.

Airport to Expand Capacity with Terminal 2

Lankabusinessonline , Mar 28,’16

To construct a new multi-level terminal building (Terminal 2) at Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka, a concessionary loan agreement for JPY 45,428 million has been signed between the Airport and Aviation Services Limited and Japan International Cooperation Agency. New remote apron shall consist of 23 nos. aircraft parking stands, GSE roads and three stub taxiways. New terminal building would feature additional 96 check-in counters, 8 baggage claim belts, 7 baggage make-up carousels, 16 nos. contact boarding gates with 28 nos., Passenger Boarding Bridges and 6 nos. bus gates. The scope also includes capacity enhancement of the incinerator, water treatment plant and sewerage treatment plant. The detail design of the airport have been completed. JICA financing for the expansion of Bandaranaike Airport is JPY 74,397 million. The Project would be developed based on the concept of Eco-Airport with Japanese advanced technology and know-how.  The new passenger terminal building is planned to be open in 2020.